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Holistic Appalachian Microgreens

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About Us

We are a Microgreens urban farm local to White Pine, Tennessee dedicated to producing the most nutritious, healthiest foods for peak bodily performance. As they say in Jamaica, "ital is vital!" Fresh food diets are the #1 healthiest option, but how do we know what our plants are being grown with? Is it really safe for any creature to consume synthetic fertilizers? All of our growing mediums are OMRI listed for organic use as well as all seeds used for growing. We also use coco coir as a growing medium, a more sustainable alternative to peat moss. Last but not least, our worms do the heavy lifting to create such green, tasty foods. They create the vermicompost that gives so many nutrients for the soil.
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Contact Us

Local delivery will be available soon! Call or email if you would like any information regarding Microgreens or purchasing.
Our address
238 Wilmore Drive, White Pine, TN 37890
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